In leading several teams at BBC Wales I learnt how important it is to ensure a bi-focal approach – thinking in the moment and managing the here and now, but also keeping a strategic eye on the future and its requirements. Understanding and listening to individuals was crucial - trusting and delegating once priorities were set, encouraging challenge, risk-taking and creativity, with the appropriate supports in place. Motivating your people and having fun is also important, particularly when times are challenging day in day out.

This programme delivers grounded development for teams and can be tailored to your organisation or group. It’s particularly valuable where individuals are starting out as a team, where there is a new leader of a team, or where change is expected of a team.


- a contracting meeting to understand and map the group objectives and destination for the workshop or programme
- a one or two day workshop designed and delivered by myself and, where appropriate, with associates.e.g. teambuilding, the change story, implementation of change
- a programme that would include the contract meeting, a team-building workshop, group coaching sessions focused on supporting the learning and implementation, and a workshop at the end of the programme to ensure the team is working to its strengths, and has the required clarity for implementation

A bespoke workshop or development programme will:

  • develop awareness of group strengths and challenges
  • look at how to ensure the climate needed for trust and rapport
  • ensure you’ll be able to challenge in the right way
  • develop collaborative approaches
  • ensure accountability
  • plan for the implementation of change


for updates and/or a complimentary consultation.