Clarissa Corbisiero

Director of Policy & External Affairs/Deputy Chief Executive CHC Cymru

Cath helped me understand my style and think through how to flex it to support my team and organisation. Her support and constructive challenge helped me to become more agile at work and to consider how I can best add value. Cath’s support is always relatable and realistic and her huge experience comes through in spades. What I found different about working with Cath is that she listened carefully and helped me come to my own conclusions about what I might do differently, through a series of carefully targeted exercises and conversations. The experience was hugely valuable and I would recommend working with Cath to anyone.

Matthew R Williams

Superintendent, Gwent Police

A couple of years ago I was at a loss with the direction my career was going in and my confidence had been affected.  I had a successful short miltary career, and for the best part of my policing career had done well.  I had studied Leadership at Masters level, and found a love for development and developing others, also qualifying as a coach.  The coaching was going well but personally I was struggling to help myself. Then I met Cath and began a journey of true self discovery over that year.  I thought about things in a way I never had before and began to unleash the real me again.  I was challenged in many ways, developed my personal brand and gained a deep understanding of myself through various discussions, activities and experiences.  I started to see a change in myself and so did others.  I had clarity and I was promoted into the senior ranks of policing and have never felt so clear about the future.  I owed it to Cath for digging into my mind and psyche, helping me to understand and own my growth in the way that only I could do. Thank you Cath you are an amazing coach and person.

Julie Denley

Interim Director, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

As a senior manager with a career in mental health I was not sure how much I would get from Coaching Conversations training. Not only was the course fun, informative and challenging but Cath's direct feedback for improving my coaching conversation skills in everyday practice was invaluable. Cath has an energetic but logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can't speak highly enough of this course.

Brett Denning

General Manager, Prince Phillip Hospital

The training in coaching and feedback provided by Cath Allen is probably the best management training I have received during my career within the NHS and one of the few times I have been able to action what I have learnt immediately. The genius of the training provided came down to the combination of clear advice expertly delivered and then embedded with repeated practice. Coaching and feedback are core elements of management and leadership and thanks to Cath I am now much better equipped with the tools and techniques in these areas which will benefit my team and ultimately the patients we serve.

Rhys Evans

Headteacher, St Julian's School Newport

I worked with Cath when in the role of Acting Headteacher. During a period of "steep learning" I found her advice and approach invaluable. One of the most perceptive people I have worked with, Cath has that talent to pose questions which force you to analyse critically your leadership approach and subsequently improve practice. Without a doubt, the work we carried out has had a significant impact on my development as a person and now, as a headteacher.

Jeff Farrar, Chief Constable

Gwent Police

I asked Cath to work with a group of my most experienced senior leaders in Gwent Police and the impact she had on their personal development has been considerable. Her approach has encouraged thought and self-reflection which has developed their confidence, self-belief and personal awareness in a short period of time. All my staff have found her supportive, inquiring and inspiring and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Lesley Kirkpatrick

CEO Techniquest

Cath worked with me when I was the Wales Director of The Prince's Trust. She gave me invaluable support and enabled me to see and appreciate my strengths as a leader. Working with Cath helped me to trust my instinct and to continue to be driven to do "the right thing". Cath's workshop with my management team and colleagues was fun, well received and helped us all to lift our heads for a moment and really value the diversity of our different skills and qualities. The feedback from my colleagues was very positive.

Sioned Hughes

Chief Executive, Urdd Gobaith Cymru

Cath Allen was recommended to me as a coach, she is truly exceptional and inspirational. She is such a natural coach, I feel I’m on a journey, not going through a process. She is an excellent listener, provides challenge and shares her own knowledge, experience and skills in a way that builds self-confidence and self-awareness. She has made me aware of my personal drivers and key strengths. I would strongly recommend Cath.

Nigel Walker

National Director English Institute of Sport

Cath Allen is an impressive individual who excels in developing individuals to realise their potential to fulfil their own dreams or to contribute more effectively as a team member.

Menna Richards

Non-executive Director: Welsh Water and Welsh National Opera

Cath’s integrity, professionalism and energy have been crucial drivers in the creative change programmes we’ve worked on together over many years. She has a rare combination of skills: robust and clear-sighted with the ability to be understanding and empathetic. She assesses situations quickly and offers creative, constructive solutions together with support to teams and individuals. She is one of the best people-managers I’ve worked with.

Bea Ercolini

Editor-in-Chief, Elle, Belgium

Cathryn sees clearly and takes you where you need to go at your own pace. She knows many tricks and you can reorganise your thoughts and direction in one sitting. She listens with empathy and takes you beyond the practical benefits only.

Andrew Howard

Head of Competitions, Football Association of Wales

My first experience of professional coaching was with Cath Allen. Her qualities ensured that I very quickly began to achieve the objectives set out. This has certainly developed me as a manager, leader and a colleague and with that, confidence grows around you.

Llinos Griffin Williams

Producer Green Bay Media Ltd

I had the privilege of being one of Cath’s producer trainees as part of the BBC Creative Production Course. Her influence on me has been profound, both personally and professionally. I gained practical advice on career development and clear direction on how to realise my aspirations. Cath not only supports, but inspires. She made me believe in my own ability, constantly pushing me to develop my creativity and never compromising on quality; quality of work and quality of ambition! You come away from Cath’s sessions ready to take on the world! And with the tools and know how to give it a good go!


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